This is an example of one of the terrazzo floor areas designed by Mr. Lamb. The area pictured is approximately 4 feet square. The example comes from a series of floor inlays, aptly titled "Relics," that were executed by all five artists involved. The idea was to establish a swirling pattern in the floor to give the impression that the "relics" were being flung about in space by a tornadic force. The two-dimensional illusion of thickness supports this notion of flying chunks.

Mr. Lamb, the only Dallas resident on the team of artists, was charged with addressing the historic and cultural issues of the city. The work pictured above is a tribute to Esperanza Hope Medrano, the late matriarch of a well known and politically influential Hispanic family in Dallas. The quote is taken from the Bible: "We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul, a hope that enters into the inner shrine behind the curtain." The anchor is a Christian symbol for hope while the sunrise over the ocean is an Oriental version for the same concept.

Mr. Lamb crafted each piece of the text by hand, meticulously bending and twisting 1/4 inch zinc strips into letters. Mr. Lamb also designed the water-jet cut brass text which was executed by a commercial fabricator.