les miserables set design

This set design for “Les Misérables” was for a production by Music Theatre of Denton, Denton, Texas.  It was staged October 17 through October 26, 2014.

This minimalist design consists of three sets of scaffolding on casters, a black scrim upstage with the orchestra behind and stage right, and front projections onto the scrim. A lit area stage left behind the scrim featured action occasionally and integrated with the projections. The scaffolding units had adaptations which included incorporating a bed for the hospital scene, a gate for the garden at Rue Plumet, and various hand-holds, grip points and railing adaptations. The proscenium width was approximately 40 feet.

The projections do not attempt to depict settings literally, but are more of an abstraction. Most scenes involve a white line drawing connoting the setting accompanied by period drawings or etchings related to the scene and time. Be aware that projecting onto black scrim required two 10,000 lumen projectors aligned and both on. Such projectors are very expensive to rent.

This set design could be adapted to other uses not involving scaffolding or a black scrim. In any event, the set design would be minimalist and abstract. If a lighter color scrim was used, the projection equipment would not need to be as bright as for a black scrim, therefore more economical.

This is not an easily "canned" package ... adaptations of the projections may be required for your production, which will require fees paid for additional video production.

The projections are video segments created as Quicktime movies linked together in a Keynote file running on a Macintosh computer. The individual Quicktime movies could be provided separately to be linked and cued with whatever software you prefer.

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Package includes:

• Schematic drawings of basic scaffolding configurations and adaptations (may need to be altered, as your scaffolding might not have the same dimensions)
• A production storyboard showing scaffolding positions for each scene in plan view and elevation view, plus an indication of the projections for each scene
• All video files for projections, and any elements needed for editing if requested
• A cue sheet
• A reasonable number of consulting phone calls and emails.

Package does NOT include:

• A theatrical scrim
• Scaffolding units
• Computer for playback of video files
• Video projector
• On-site operator/ technician
• Any video production required to adapt projections to your particular specifications
• Props



production SB

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Les Mis projections

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