Panel Four

The Hogue/Bywaters mural shown in this panel refers to the La Reunion colony of French settlers that attempted an utopian community in the Dallas area. The image portrays a trade-day where the French settlers are exchanging goods with other area residents. The title reads: "1860 - 1870 - A Frontier Trades Day. French Immigrants Arrive." This utopian village, located approximately at where Highway 80 and Loop 12 intersect (it resembled their part of France) unfortunately failed. The crops were planted in infertile and rocky soil and fell victim to the now famous Texas summers. There were also disputes among the colonists. A parallel to this disaster is represented by the tornado in the background to the right, symbolizing the major tornadoes in the 1950's (Oak Cliff) and 1980's (Lancaster). The foreground shows the present-day Dallas trade area -- Farmers Market -- looking to the south (toward Oak Cliff and Lancaster). The quote in the center reads "O'liberte sois notre guide, fraternite soir notre soeur, vivant en paix sous votre eyeux, nous benirons le createur." Translated from a La Reunion song verse, it says "Liberty be our guide, friendship be our sister, live in peace in your eyes, our benevolent creator." Incidentally, the commercial development built in the late 1970's surrounding Union Station, ReUnion, was named in reference to this French colony.