Panel Three

The top half of this panel shows the Hogue/Bywaters mural of a commercial venture for crossing the Trinity River, Cockrell's Ferry. The title reads: "1850 - 1860 - Early Settlers - Cockrell's Ferry." The ferry was operated by Sarah Cockrell after the death of her husband. The artwork shows the Trinity River in a flooded state. Below the old mural, the new imagery shows the latest commercial crossing of the Trinity, the DART light rail bridge connecting Oak Cliff to downtown Dallas. The river is also shown flooded. The quote, from early Dallas resident Telitha Smith McDermett, also relates to crossing the river: "The first time I crossed we walked over on stones at the 'ford' below the ferry. Just where the ferry was, the old piers that supported the bridge before it fell still stood in the stream." This refers to an original bridge that collapsed, necessitating use of the ferry.