Panel Eight

This mural, dated 1907, was a tribute to George Kessler, an early city planner. With a heading "1907 - The vision of George E. Kessler guides the hand of the engineer in planning the orderly city," the artists dedicated this work to "The Kessler Plan," one of the first master plans for the City of Dallas. It was within his plan that Kessler recommended Union Station be built. In addition, the Turtle Creek corridor was his idea, as much for flood control as it was for beautification. Kessler Park in Oak Cliff bears his name. The quote comes from the Kessler plan: "It is recommended that a Union Station be built. The several blocks immediately fronting it should be converted into an open plaza, giving to Dallas a dignified and worthy railroad entrance." That plaza is the existing Ferris Plaza.

The image in color shows Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, yet another major transportation gateway recommended within a city plan, the "Goals for Dallas" of the 1960's (see Panel Seven).