Panel Nine

The mural on the left was the eighth in the Hogue/Bywaters series in City Hall. It commemorated of the construction of the dam for Lake Dallas. Lake Dallas then augmented White Rock Lake as a drinking water source for the city. It was titled "1924 - 1927 - Lake Dallas is completed."

To the right, the present-day is represented with what is also a major public works project -- the reconstruction of North Central Expressway. As represented in the lower center, during construction it was discovered that the old freeway and part of Lemmon Avenue covered Freedman's Cemetery, an African-American burial ground. Over a thousand citizens were discovered to be interred in that cemetery. The construction of this part of the freeway became a major political issue, resulting in a painstaking archeological excavation of the site and reinterment of the remains. A major public art project was commissioned for the site. The quote comes from one of only two tombstones discovered during the excavation: "How much of light, how much of joy, is buried with a darling boy."